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Hand-made in the USA in bright orange nylon fabric so that they are spotted easily, they are back by popular demand!

  • Detects wind below one MPH 
  • Approximate dimensions are 3.5 in wide and total length of 15 feet long.
  • Streamers are heat sealed to resist fraying
  • Included is a free​ spinning clasp—ready to mount on your pole

**Please note--these streamers are not designed to leave out in the elements 24/7 especially in high winds.

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Windsock Pole Stand

Our Windsock Pole Stand is made in the USA of 3/8 inch steel rod

  • Measuring 24 inches high with a 6 inch foot peg mounted horizontally making it easier to penetrate 9 inches into the soil. 
  • Rings have a 1 1/4 inch ID. 
  • Velcro strap is included to keep your pole stable & secure while your windsock is doing its job.

Pole Stand
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Pole Holder

Our Pole Holder is made of steel and has a black & silver textured finish.

  • Measuring 14 inches high & 3.5 inches wide at the base which will penetrate the soil up to 9.5 inches at the longest point.
  • Pole holder has a 1 1/2 inch ID and includes a removeable sizing spacer.
  • Pole inserts 5.5 inches and has a tightening screw to keep your pole secure.

Pole Holder
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