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Paraorange is happy to announce the long awaited, Waterproof Foot Launch Paramotor Cover Kit!  After months of designs, research & hundreds of tests, we are now able to provide a true waterproof paramotor cover. As with all of our accessories, it is hand made in the USA.

We have designed this cover based on the input received from PPG Pilots incorporating the needed requirements as well as the problems with other covers, & we are sure that we have surpassed your expectations! 

Whether you are using a pickup truck bed, RV, Van, or SUV with a rear open rack, the cover has an open bottom that allows easy securing of your paramotor with the included tie down straps which should be connected to your carabiners & carrier frame. Estimated at 70 inches across and 70 inches high, cover will fit most foot launch units. Also provided is a Splash Deck Pad that is attached to your deck separately from your paramotor cover thus eliminating  water from splashing up when going over puddles.

**Please Note--this cover is great for fly ins when you want to keep the moisture and/or rain or snow off your machine & it can be mounted behind a vehicle that is LARGE enough to block the wind on the highway, such as an RV, trailer, large SUV, truck or van. It is NOT recommended to be mounted on a regular sized vehicle driving on a highway going 50 MPH & over**

The Waterproof Foot Launch Paramotor Cover Kit includes:

  • One Waterproof PPG Cover made of medium weight, waterproof, Ripstop fabric, manufactured to take the abuse of rough and tough handling. Weighing only 4.5 pounds, this will not cause damage to paramotors with lightweight cages. Our Cover is assembled with Marine Grade, waterproof tape, stitched with specialized anti-wick thread & non-wick binding & finally, all seams are sealed with Marine Grade sealant on the inside to prevent water from entering the cover. 
  • Two Paramotor Tie Down Straps (6700 lbs tenacity)
  • One Splash Deck Pad with four heavy-duty D-rings
  • One Carry Bag to conveniently keep all of the above handy when they are needed
  • Cleaning instructions--this waterproof fabric must be spot cleaned only with mild soap. Detailed instructions are included