• Custom Trike Cover Request

NOTE: This is a deposit ONLY and should not be considered the full or total payment of the produced product. Final payment will be due prior to shipment. During the final stages of production, you will receive an invoice. Once final payment is processed, your item will be shipped Priority Mail and fully insured.

We create custom trike covers. However, these are a specialty item which requires us to communicate and get the trike specs for your specific equipment prior to production.
An initial requirement is a deposit to start the process.  Once your payment is received, we will reach out to you to document the required specs, provide an initial quote, and determine a delivery timeline based on product availability and/or backlog.

Kit includes

  • 1 waterproof PPG Cover

  • Loops around the bottom edge of the cover to secure


    • Heavy duty rip stop material that provides up to 500 hours of UV protection and repels any liquid

    • All seams have a waterproofing process applied

    • Loops are made of heavy duty webbing

    • Black top stitching is anti wicking and UV bonded

    • Tan top stitching is UV bonded

    Custom Colors

    Standard color is Orange as we buy that color in bulk. All other available colors have an up-charge due to it being a non bulk purchase of materials.

    Easy care & maintenance of your cover

    • Brush off all loose dirt with a soft bristle brush.

    • Evenly spray on a mild cleaning solution. You can use only water.

    • Gently and evenly scrub with a soft bristle brush.

    • Allow the cleaning solution, after it is brushed, to sit and eliminate soil.

    • Rinse thoroughly until all soap residue is gone.

    • Allow for fabric to air dry.

    IMPORTANT : This cover is not designed to travel with on an open trailer. If you attempt to do so, please know that it will become a sail due to the construction of the product and the type of material it is and may cause damage.
    Material Heavy duty 8.7oz ripstop fabric is a durable and synthetic fabric. This fabric is 200 denier, 100% polyester with a moderate stiff finish. It is a medium/heavy weight, high quality fabric that is woven with special fibers that allows the fabric to have superior hold against most types of damage and tear. The PU coating allows the fabric to be completely waterproof through a seam sealing process (the process of covering the stitch holes and seams in a fabric to prevent any water leakage). Additionally, this fabric is 200 denier, making it thicker, tougher and even more durable against the elements.
    Thread Type
    Binding Thread Bonded thread, polyester Anti-wicking (additive that blocks water migrating through seams) UV resistant, marine grade Heat and abrasion resistant Mildew resistant Meets MIL SPEC V-T-285 Type II
    Seam Thread Improved resistance to strength loss from UV exposure over standard polyester filament thread Good seam strength UV resistant Non-wick treatment to limit moisture migration
    Binding Type
    Cover Binding Used on military equipment, as it is light and rugged. This binding features a plain weave construction and an anti-wick coating to ensure long life in the sun and to keep water out of stitch holes.

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    Custom Trike Cover Request

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