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Prop Blade Cover Clip

We have had numerous requests to add a clip to our blade covers so that you can clip them together and they won't blow off when you are transporting your equipment out in the open, such as a pick up or open trailer. However, please note, these covers are NOT intended to be left on when you are in flight.


All present and future stock of the Premium and Take-Along Stuff Bag will have attached to its body a guide ring utilized to aid with the closure of your bag. This addition has been proven to be a valuable addition to the speed pack technology of our original design. 

As always, our customers' feedback aided with this decision and we are appreciative.

For those of you who have purchased our stuff bags previous to the installation of the guide ring, you are invited to return your bag to us and we will be happy to modify and return it to you at our cost. Our location is listed on the Contact Page of this site.