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Preflight Caution Flag

Our new Preflight Caution Flag was designed to let people know in a nice way--please don't disturb us during one of the most important procedures in flying--Preflight!

Onlookers are curious & ask questions about this exciting sport--unfortunately, this happens many times during our preflight inspection. Not to be rude, many of us engage in this conversation & neglect to do an adequate preflight.

On your next flight, the first step of your preflight is to hang the Preflight Caution Flag over the top of your cage.

After going through all of your checks & before clipping in, remove the Preflight Caution Flag & stuff it in any small space. Not only does this stop individuals from interrupting but it's also an item that provides a starting point & ending point of your process.

Made in the USA, the Preflight Caution Flag is made of durable, medium weight, waterproof, orange ripstop fabric with bold, black lettering to make it noticeable & legible.

It is approximately 12 inches wide and 13 inches high.

Preflight Necessity